Narasimha Bhogavalli

A comment on certain Defaming media Reports

A Web search by my name,  pulls up  Extremely Derogatory reports, claiming my involvement in IRS related Scams and claiming I was masterminding some scams.  The TRUTH is entirely different AND I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY SCAM activities.  

In the words of Attorney Joe Kendall

“They falsely accused you. The US Government dropped the charges and dismissed the case. You and I have the court records to prove that happened. I issued a press release. I am willing to talk to anyone and verify the truth.   News stories written before the mistake was realized and the case was dismissed that were erroneous don’t un write themselves. You can’t control the fact that they chose not to write about your exoneration.” 


The TRUTH is that I was falsely accused, based upon certain Money Order deposits that were made in my account, over a 2.5 month period. After charges were filed, all records and evidence was examined and then charges were Withdrawn / DROPPED.  

The case details are available in court records and from my Attorney Joe Kendall.  

The document below is the Case WITHDRAWAL filed by the United States Attorney. 

Image below represents the Motion filed to Drop Charges

Image below is the Order signed by the Presiding Judge